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Our Mission Statement & Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

St. Francis Hospice provides a specialist palliative care service to people in North Dublin. This includes support for their families and friends and all healthcare professionals involved in their care.

The service is based on a Christian philosophy of human dignity, which treats each person with respect and compassion, irrespective of their cultural or religious background.

The hospice plays a leadership role in shaping palliative care nationally, working in partnership to advance policy, education, research and service innovation.


Our Values

The underpinning values of St. Francis Hospice are commitments to…

  • Creating a welcoming, relaxed and personal atmosphere of care.
  • Providing quality care at a physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social level which respects the needs and wishes of each person.
  • Supporting families and friends emotionally, psychologically and spiritually from referral through bereavement in an attentive and non-intrusive way.
  • Working collaboratively as a team which cares for its members, values each one's contribution and engages in ongoing education and reflection.
  • Linking with other professionals, support agencies and the local community to improve the quality of service to people who are terminally ill.
  • Educating others and influencing the practice and standards of palliative care of people who are terminally ill.

Our Philosophy & Aims

  • To enable terminally ill patients to live as normally as possible within the limits imposed by their illness and by the control of symptoms, providing emotional and practical support.
  • The control of pain and other distressing symptoms is a right of all patients and in so far as is possible and that a pain-free and peaceful death should be available to everyone.
  • To involve patients in decisions about their care, reducing feelings of isolation and uselessness, and enabling them to adapt to a changing but positive role.
  • To discern spiritual needs and arrange for pastoral care, if desired.
  • St. Francis Hospice is founded on Christian Principles, but the service is offered to patient/family in need of Hospice Care regardless of religious beliefs or practices.
  • To admit patients to the In-Patient Unit when continuing care is not possible in the home environment. To help the patient and family to accept the need for this.
  • To create a life-affirming climate in which the patient maintains control over his/her life, prepares for death in his/her own way and lives his/her life in comfort with a sense of personal dignity.
  • To support families caring for a dying person, both emotionally and practically and to continue this care through bereavement.



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Registered Charity Number: CHY 10568


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